Zhelensky warns of threats against Putin’s use of nuclear weapons

(CNN) – President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZhelenskyHe told CNN on Friday that “every country in the world should be prepared for the possibility of using Russian President Vladimir Putin.” Nuclear weapons Tactics in its war against Ukraine.

In an exclusive interview with Zelensky CNN’s Jake Tapper in the presidential office in Kyiv on Friday, Putin said he could seek nuclear or chemical weapons because he did not value the lives of the Ukrainian people.

“Not only me, but all over the world, all countries should be concerned because it may not be real information, but it may be true,” he said in English.

“Chemical weapons … they can, people’s lives for them, [no significa] Anything. That’s why, ”Zelensky said,“ we need to think about being fearless, not fearful, but ready. But this is not an issue of Ukraine, I think, not only for Ukraine, but for the whole world. “

What kind of chemical weapons does Russia have? 4:00

Zhelensky has been in Ukraine in the past 50 days war with Russia As the Ukrainian forces opposed the Kremlin’s attempts to seize Kiev, Russia was forced to divert its war efforts. Eastern Regions And in the south of the country, Ukraine expects a significant escalation of fighting in the coming days.

One this week Warships Ukraine says Russia’s key assets in the Black Sea were the result of a missile attack, while Russia said it was caused by an explosive fire.

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At the same time, Russia is launching anti-ship missiles in the suburbs of Kiev and is still maintaining its ability to strike the Ukrainian capital with long-range weapons.

Putin has warned US officials of the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. CIA Director Bill Burns said on Thursday that the CIA was “monitoring” the possibility “very closely,” but that the United States had not yet seen any signs that Russia was preparing to take such action.

“None of us can take lightly the threat posed by the use of tactical nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons, given the possible frustration of President Putin and the Russian leadership and the setbacks they have faced so far on the military front. Low-yield nuclear weapons,” he said in a public statement on Georgia Tech.

You can watch The Lead’s interview at 4pm and the full interview will air on CNN’s State of the Union ‘in English on Sunday at 9am ET.

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