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Her voice is emotionally broken, and Elena, whose name has been changed, tries to speak: She was isolated by Russian soldiers for being the wife of a Ukrainian soldier, and was raped for hours by two of them. He claims to have been raped in his own home by two Russians. And he says he doesn’t want to live.

Complaints from women claiming to have been raped have been on the rise in recent weeks, especially in areas where Russian troops have withdrawn.

Elena’s tragedy: “I feel disgusted, I do not want to live”

Elena was interviewed by the AFP agency in Zaforizhia, a city of thousands of people displaced by the Russian occupation coming to southern Ukraine. He waited for the bus to meet his four children at Vinnitsia in the center of the country, where he sent them from his home in Gerson (south) to keep them safe.

“At 3pm (April 3pm), I went to a shop. While I was standing in line, the Russian army came and got into an argument with the customers.” Continue. “I did not understand what they were talking about, but I felt one of the residents point a finger at me … she was the wife of a soldier,” Elena recalled.

“When I quickly left the shop I saw that they were looking at me. I did not come home when two Russian soldiers came through the door behind me. I do not have time to pick up the phone to ask for help or do anything. Dice.

Elena says she hasn’t spoken to anyone yet. “I was a midwife, I did the first treatment myself,” he explains. “Once I reach my goal I will find everything I need. I want to be reunited with my children,” she adds.

When asked about her physical and psychological state, she begins to cry again: “I’m frustrated, I do not want to live anymore.”

Inferno de Olha: “He forced me to have oral sex with a gun in my temple”

Olha’s case – and his name was changed – was documented Human Rights Watch (HRW), World Security Organization Human rights.

On March 13, Olha was repeatedly beaten and raped by a Russian soldier. A 31-year-old woman from Malaya Rohan in the Kharkov region who was under the control of Russian forces at the time.

On February 25, Russian soldiers entered the village. On that day, about 40 people, mostly girls and women, took refuge in the foundations of the local school. He was there with his 5-year-old daughter, his mother, his 13-year-old sister and his 24-year-old brother.

At midnight on March 13, a Russian soldier entered the school. “He broke the glass windows in the doorway and knocked on the door,” he said. The soldier went to the basement and ordered everyone to stand in line. The woman stood in line holding her sleeping daughter. After the shooting threat, the soldier approached his family and asked them to follow him.

The soldier took her to the second floor classroom, where he pointed a gun at her and told her to undress.

“He told me to give him (oral sex) the whole time I had a gun near my temple or put it in my face. He fired twice at the ceiling and said it would give me more ‘motivation’, “Olha said.

He raped her again, grabbed the knife in her throat and cut the skin on one part of her neck, chin and hair. He punched her in the face with the book and slapped her repeatedly. She and her family were able to escape. “I’m lucky to be alive,” he told HRW. He said his city council officials were preparing a criminal complaint in his case.

The Ukrainian branch of the non-governmental organization La Strada, a women’s rights group, has received numerous complaints about “calls for seven cases of rape of Ukrainian women and children by Russian occupiers,” the organisation’s leader, Aliona Grivliak, told PTI. Company.

But he believes the number of victims will be higher when the trauma begins to subside. “Hundreds, thousands of women and girls may have been raped,” Griwliak estimates.

Ukraine’s attorney general Irina Venedikova said, “The Russian military has done that “Sexual violence against Ukrainian women and men, against children and the elderly” and stressed the need to gather evidence.

These crimes are related to violations of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, and its most recent code is found in the 1998 Rome Statute. More than 50 examples War crimes including murder, torture, abduction, use of child soldiers, deliberate attacks on civilians and rape.

Violations under the definition of Crimes against humanity, A concept developed in 1945 in the laws of the Nuremberg International Tribunal. The crime is defined as “murder, destruction, enslavement, deportation or persecution before or during the war, or for racial or religious reasons, an inhumane act committed against any civilian.”

It was created backwards to investigate previously unimaginable Nazi criminals. It coded Article 7 of the Law of Rome, which decides that crimes against humanity, murder, rape, torture and other inhumane acts are “in the framework of a systematic voluntary attack against any citizen.”

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