Will US send troops to Ukraine? Thus said Joe Biden

(CNN) – President Joe Biden He left for Brussels this Wednesday Participate in a series of emergency summits with Western allies focused on supporting Ukraine and cooperating to punish Russia.

Biden hopes to pull out of meetings on Thursday with some of his allies: new sanctions on Russia, measures to reduce its oil and gas profits, or new announcements of military or financial assistance to Ukraine.

It is not on the table, as he has repeatedly said, to send US troops to Ukraine.

Biden and his Western allies have vehemently rejected the use of their own forces in Ukraine and have rejected Zelensky’s calls to establish a no-fly zone or provide fighter jets.

The Polish proposal to establish an international peacekeeping force in Ukraine, which Warsaw is expected to raise during Thursday’s meeting, also drew suspicion from US officials.

Background of Pitton’s position

During his State of the Union address in early March, the President of the United States. He stressed that US troops would not fight on the ground And ensured their security for the Americans in the midst of the war in Ukraine.

“Let me be clear: our forces did not and will not take part in the conflict with Russian forces in Ukraine,” he said.

On February 24, 2022 in Kiev, Ukraine, Kiev announced a curfew from 10 pm to 7 am. (Bear Chrome / Getty Images)

Earlier, when he announced sanctions against Russia for launching its invasion, Biden was careful to make it clear that the United States was not aggressive towards Russia.

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“Let me be clear: these are purely defensive moves on our part. We have no intention of fighting Russia.” Biden said.

In early February, Biden told NBC News that he would not consider any circumstances involving the deployment of U.S. troops to expel Americans in Ukraine.

“No. If the Americans and Russia start firing at each other, it is a world war,” he said.

Critics say Biden’s clarification that US troops will not be attacked could help avert US-Russian conflict, while he made it clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that his forces would face fewer obstacles in the war.

“Biden has diluted our most important influence in this crisis,” said President George W. Bush. Said Ian Presinsky, a former Pentagon official under Bush. A The New York Times A Earlier this month.

On Thursday, February 24, 2022, a woman passes through the rubble after a Russian shelling attack on the city of Mariupol in Ukraine. Russia launched a barrage of airstrikes and missiles against Ukraine early Thursday morning, and Ukrainian officials say Russian troops have approached the country from the north. East and South. (AP Photo / Evgeny Maloletka)

There are US forces in the countries bordering Ukraine

An expert assures that NATO will not interfere in Ukraine 0:40

One of the main factors in the invasion of Putin Fear that Ukraine will become part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)It was created to control the Soviet Union after World War II and has expanded in recent decades to annex the countries of the former Soviet bloc.

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Ukraine Boundaries of NATO member states From Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. If Russia threatens one of these countries, the United States will be bound by an agreement to protect them.

Biden said the United States would adhere to NATO’s Section 5 policy, which states that an attack on a NATO country is an attack on all member states. “As I have made clear, the United States and our allies will defend every inch of NATO power with the full force of our joint force,” he said.

This is how the Ukrainians survived the invasion

People are waiting for the bus at the bus station to evacuate the queue in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Overnight, Russia launched a full-scale offensive in Ukraine, with explosions reported in several cities and beyond the restive eastern provinces held by Russian-backed rebels. (Photo by Pierre Crom / Getty Images)

Movement of troops within NATO countries

Survey: 1 out of 2 Russians support the use of military force 0:32

Although Biden has promised not to send US troops to Ukraine, the United States has said in recent weeks Sent more soldiers and warplanes to Eastern European countriesSuch as Poland and Romania.

During the State of the Union address, US President. He promised that US troops would be stationed in Europe Without fighting in Ukraine, “if Putin decides to push further west, to protect our NATO allies.”

“For that purpose, we have mobilized US ground forces, air forces and naval deployments to protect NATO countries, including Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia,” he added.

And opposition to US intervention

Republican response to Biden’s actions 0:49
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According to opinion polls conducted before the Russian invasion, Americans are wary of US intervention in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In a recent AP-NORC poll, only 26% of Americans believe the United States should play a significant role in the Russia-Ukraine situation. Half, 52%, said they wanted to play a minor role and the other 20% said they would not play any role.

One-third of Democrats (32%) and 22% of Republicans wanted the United States to play a key role. The Independents say too much that the United States should not play any role; Compared to 22% of Republicans and 14% of Democrats, 32% thought so.

In light of the polls, Biden and U.S. officials must be very careful in engaging the public before changing the administration’s position on the commitment of U.S. troops.

CNN’s Barbara Starr and Ariel Edwards-Levy contributed to the report. Updated March 3rd.

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