War Russia – Ukraine | Ukraine kills Russian general Vladimir Frolo, who ordered the Mariupol attack Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelensky | The world

Russian general besieges Ukrainian port After his death in battle, he was buried Saturday in St. Petersburg, Russia, the mayor said.

Mira: Russia issues final warning to Ukrainians opposing Mariupol: they must surrender this Sunday

Major General Vladimir Frolov He was deputy commander of the Eighth Army, a military unit that the Russian media has identified as part of the fighting forces. Like Mariupol For weeks.

St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beklov issued a statement Frolov “martyred in battle”, Without giving details of when and how he died. Photos published on Russian news sites showed his grave in St. Petersburg full of red and white flowers.

Officers of Ukraine They claim that several Russian generals and dozens of top military officials were killed during the war.

Mira: Official Russian television confirms that “World War III began” after the sinking of the Moskva ship

The siege of Mariupol

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky He said he discussed on Saturday with the UK and Swedish rulers what the best way to help supporters was Like Mariupol And tens of thousands of civilians trapped in that besieged city.

The fate of Mariupol can be determined by war or diplomacyHe added.

“Or our partners Ukraine Without all the necessary heavy weapons, aircraft, and immediate exaggeration, we can reduce the pressure of the invaders Like Mariupol And break the barrierSaid Zhelensky, In his night-time video speech to the people of the country. “Or we do it through negotiations, in which the role of our partners must be decisive.”

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The blast did not stop

Russia On Saturday, artillery and airstrikes continued in Ukraine Kharkiv An explosion destroyed a community kitchen.

Associated Press journalists documented the aftermath of what appeared to be a missile attack. Mayor KharkivIhor Terekhov said three people were killed and 34 wounded in various missile attacks in the city on Saturday.

The dining room was set up by the World Central Kitchen Organization led by chef Jose Andres to establish food systems in disaster and war zones. Andres tweeted that the organization’s staff are shocked but safe.

The organization says it serves nearly 300,000 meals a day in 30 cities across the country. Andres said the Kharkiv attack shows that providing food in the midst of a meaningless war is an act of courage, redemption and resistance, and that the cooks in his group will continue to cook for Ukraine.

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