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President Joe Biden on Saturday described Ukraine’s opposition to Russian forces as part of a “great war for independence.” His Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, said he could not stay in power.

Speaking at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland, Biden said Russia had “strangled democracy and tried to do so elsewhere”.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot be in power,” Biden concluded, referring to Putin.

This is President Biden’s first reference to the need for a change of leadership in Russia, which is considered an authoritarian regime.

Warned Russia Every “NATO inch” will be protectedIn the speech of a country that is a key ally of the military alliance.

“Don’t think about going an inch beyond the NATO border,” Biden said.

“We are with you,” Biden told the Ukrainian people. Shortly afterwards, Biden referred to the Russian people: “If you can ask me: You, the Russian people, are not our enemy.”

The President said that the most important thing in facing the “darkness of authoritarianism” was unity and that the world should be prepared for it. “Long before the fight”. “This is the work of our time. This is the work of our generation,” he said.

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