Volodymyr Zelensky says the invasion is coming to an end

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZhelenskyHe said on Tuesday the 34th that the Russian invasion would “end”, but after Russia announced that it would “reduce hostilities in Kiev and Seneca”, his country would not reduce “security efforts”.

“Yes, we can positively qualify the signals we hear from the trading platform, but these signals will not drown out the explosions of Russian bombs,” Zhelensky said in his usual late message posted on the Ukrainian presidential website.

“The 34th day of the full-scale invasion of Russia and our full-scale defense is coming to an end,” Zhelensky said.

The Russian Army The main objective of the current Russian military campaign in Ukraine is to withdraw a portion of its troops today from the suburbs of Q and from the besieged northern city of Chernikov to focus on capturing Donbass.

“The Russian enemy is withdrawing private units from the Kiev and Chernikov regions,” the General Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said in its last afternoon military statement.

However, Zhelensky said, “Awareness should not be lost. The situation is not easy … The Russian Army It still has significant potential to continue its attacks on our state. “

For this reason, he warned, “We will not reduce our security efforts. In the north of our state and in all other parts of Ukraine (…) the security of Ukraine is now the first task, and everything else will be derived from it.”

The bombing of cities “continues. Mariupol has been blocked. Air and missile strikes have not stopped. This is the truth,” Zhelensky recalled.

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Rescue operations were carried out in Mikolaiv this Tuesday, removing the siege of the regional administration building, which had been destroyed by Russian missile strikes, which has so far killed twelve people and wounded 34 others.

The Russian offensive, according to Zhelensky, was carried out “in a very insidious manner” when people were working in the morning.

For this reason, he stressed, all those involved in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, intelligence services and security “are the only guarantee that we survive today as a state.”

Commenting on the ongoing talks with Russia, he said, “We see no reason to believe the words of some representatives of a state that continues to fight for our destruction.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin today acknowledged “progress” in talks with Ukraine, in a telephone conversation with his French envoy Emmanuel Macron, who was adamant in his desire to continue the offensive in the east of the country. , According to Elysee sources.

The departure comes just hours before Russian negotiators in Istanbul announced their decision to “reduce military action” in both regions to contribute to the signing of a peace agreement with kyiv.

Zhelensky said Ukraine would continue the negotiation process, reiterating that there must be “real security” for his country and its sovereignty.

“Russian troops must leave the occupied territories. Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be guaranteed. There can be no compromise on sovereignty and our territorial integrity,” he said.

Any important decision “should not be made by one person or a group with political views, but by all our people. Ukraine is smart,” he added.

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In addition, he stressed that other countries did not expect that some negotiations would be hampered in the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

“Until the war is over, until our justice is restored and we restore justice, the question of sanctions cannot be raised,” he said, but rather, “they must be intensified weekly.

He noted that a group of Ukrainian and international experts had already begun work to evaluate the effectiveness of the sanctions imposed on Russia.

On the Ukrainian side, the area is coordinated by Andrei Yermak, head of the president’s office, and Michael McFall on the international side.

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