Ukraine’s president has assured that Russia is ready to negotiate a peace deal

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Saturday assured that Russia was ready to negotiate a peace agreement with Ukraine, even after the two countries. Four rounds of talks have been held to reach an agreement to reduce the conflict.

“Now the Russian side in the talks have begun to speak out, not just issuing final warnings. I think this is a fundamentally different approach. That’s how it should be”, The Ukrainian president told a news conference in Kiev this Saturday Union.

Zhelensky insisted that the end of the war “must begin with a ceasefire.””. “This will allow the humanitarian process to be stopped: the deportation of people, as well as the supply of food, water and medicine (…) will be a humane, diplomatic signal that this will always be the end of the war,” he assured the Ukrainians. Chairman, step Union.

Similarly, the President of Ukraine was “happy” with the signal from Russia because it was “open to dialogue”.For the first time in more than two years. “

The President promised to hold at least 100 talks with leaders of various countries and give them the opportunity to mediate in the conflict.

However, Zhelensky considered the participation of Ukraine’s Western partners in these talks as “not enough”. “(Western powers) They cannot trust Russia after such a bloody war. Therefore, other leaders must also guarantee peaceThe President of Ukraine revealed in the statements collected by Union.

The Ukrainian president said some world leaders were “in touch with the Russian leader” within the negotiating agenda and used the opportunity to offer advice to Russia.

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“They need to discuss that. I know that the signals coming from Russia are not bad based on the proposals that have come from us. Let’s see, “said the Ukrainian president.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin had already spoken on Friday about movements in peace efforts. Russian negotiators announced “some positive changes” in the talks, which took place “practically every day”. DPA.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov andHe explained this Saturday to the Ukrainian agency Interfax that the talks between the two sides are being conducted by video call.

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