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A member of the Ukrainian Volunteer Force shot dead a howitzer on March 28 in the Ukrainian region of Saporizia. (Photo: Stanislav Yurchenko / Reuters)

Russia’s most significant achievement in southern Ukraine was the capture of Kersen in the first week of March, which is seen as the first major step in a possible offensive against the country’s third-largest city, Odessa.

In recent days, however, CNN has reported on Russia’s difficulties in maintaining its front line northwest of the city, and on Ukraine’s success in attacking Russian helicopters at the nearby Gerson Airport.

Now, Ukrainian authorities are reporting significant victories elsewhere in the south, pushing Russian forces 50 kilometers behind in a battle near the city of Krivi Rih.

“The enemy is no longer standing in all directions, but has retreated into the distance of the city,” Grivie Rihine chief Oleksandr Wilkul said late Monday.

“Many more settlements in the Kherson area have been liberated today. The invaders are at least 40 kilometers from Kryvyi Rih, up to 60 kilometers in some directions.”

Earlier, Ukrainian officials said Russian troops were less than 10 kilometers from the city, which has a population of more than 500,000, between Gershon and Dinibro.

“The line of contact is not on the border of the Dnipropetrovsk region, it is already in the Kherson area. Our army shows real courage and inflicts severe damage to the enemy,” Vikul said.

Most of the residents have been staying in Griville since the war began, Vikul added. “They can see for themselves how the city lives and works,” he said in a video statement posted on Facebook.

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Regardless of any change in the territory’s control, the leader of the nearby town Nicobol reported a missile attack near his city, recalling the continuing threat posed by Russian attacks. No casualties were reported, Eugene Evdushenko said on Facebook.

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