They join a Russian oligarchy in a luxury boat parked in the DR

Fancy Already I The $ 3.5 million weekly rental Flying Fox has been in the Dominican Republic since Monday, cited as one of Forbes magazine’s boats. Russian oligarchy The US government and European countries have set their eyes on it.

It is to be recalled that yesterday afternoon the Port Authority source said that Diario Libre was occupied by foreigners. Already I.

Forbes magazine, which specializes in business and finance, points out in an article that 37 boats are owned by a wealthy Russian businessman. Dmitry Komenshik, Chairman and sole partner of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, one of the largest airports in Eastern Europe.

He adds Already I, Which is 446 feet long and worth $ 455 million, was recorded in the Cayman Islands and its last location was Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It adds that ships like Flying Fox are registered as “offshore” vehicles and “parked in remote locations”.

According to VesselsValue, a maritime data company, “boat ownership is very private.” The ships are generally “owned by registered maritime companies everywhere from the Isle of Man to the Cayman Islands,” the company added.

Forbes recalled that since President Vladimir Putin ordered military recruitment in Ukraine, Russian billionaires have been in the eyes of many countries. In this sense, former US President Joe Biden said he would work with European nations to attack oligarchy and seize their boats, jets and luxury apartments.

Russian businessman Dmitry Kamenshik. (External source )

Last week, Spanish authorities shut down a super boat named “Valerie” attached to an oligarchy in Barcelona. Sergei Semasov. The boat is valued at $ 140 million.

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More about the owner of Flying Fox

According to Forbes, Dmitry Commons has a net worth of $ 1.9 billion. His beginnings in aviation date back to 1992, when he was a philosophy student who rented a plane to carry goods from China to Moscow.

Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, owned by Kamenzik, handled about 30.7 million passengers in 2017, according to the newspaper.

Kamenshchik was arrested by Russian authorities on charges of security at the airport during a terrorist attack in 2011. Five years later, a Moscow court decided to release the businessman from house arrest.

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