The woman was buried in her wedding dress after dying at a bachelorette party

Ruth Maguire’s bachelorette party ended in tragedy. On the night of the pre-wedding celebration, the woman went missing in Carlingford, Ireland. A few days later she lay dead in a lake.

After more than ten years of relationship and three children in between, Maguire was ready to marry her boyfriend, but a tragedy occurred during her bachelorette party.

More than 30 female friends came to a bar in the town concerned to celebrate their arrival at the altar. The next day, after dinner, everything seemed normal. However, that changed when participants realized that Ruth had never been to the room near where she was sleeping or where the celebration took place.

In his absence, his relatives recalled that the woman had uploaded a story on her Instagram in which she saw him walking towards that room near a ship. With this in mind, local authorities began an investigation into the whereabouts of the bride.

After two days of interrogation, Ruth Maguire was found in Lake Carlingford. According to international media reports, officials said his death was the result of a “tragic accident” and that nothing could be said about the case.

The woman’s sister, Rachel Wilkinson, told the newspaper Belfast Telegraph The discovery of his body brought relief in the midst of grief.

“At least we didn’t leave the uncertainty of wondering if anyone picked it up. Initially, my mother was worried that the car had crashed,” he said.

His death was unexpected and premature for a family waiting for a wedding scheduled for August 8, 2019.

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“Her and all my kids are going to be pageboys. There were 180 guests, ”said the woman’s sister.

After his death, the family decided that Ruth Maguire would be buried in the dress she wore on the day she came to the altar, keeping in mind that her marriage would take place soon. “Let her see you in the kingdom of God dressed in white,” said the priest leading the wedding ceremony.

Then Ruth’s lover James wrote on his Facebook account, “He is not only my companion, but also my soul mate.” He also thanked his three children, ages 10, 7 and 5, for their support.

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