The Ortega regime is covering up “its abuses of power” with the new NGO law

The Nicaraguan Never Again Human Rights Federation, through legislation regulating recently recognized NGOs, wants the Daniel Ortega regime to continue to persecute and criminalize the right of association and citizens’ participation in the country.

By A. Release, The company rejected the approval of the latest “General Law for the Regulation and Regulation of Nonprofits”. Under the new law the dictatorship seeks to legalize the confiscation of the assets of NGOs whose legal personality has been abolished.

“Like other arbitrary and unconstitutional laws, with the new regulation of non-profit organizations, the regime wants to give a legal face to its abuses of power and disguise itself in front of an international community that is widely aware of serious abuses. The human rights and crimes committed against the people of Nicaragua,” the organization said. .

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According to the federation, the new law “is part of a legislative alliance that is seen as repressive, reactionary and detrimental to the human rights of the Nicaraguan people, whose purpose is to strengthen repression and, in this particular case, to harm organized civil society.

Section 47 of the Act establishes nine avenues for the Ordega Council to revoke the legal sovereignty of voluntary organizations: dissolution and dissolution; When it was used to commit illegal acts; When used to violate public order; To prevent the control and monitoring of the Directorate of Registration and Control of the Ministry of the Interior; When it distorts the intentions and motives it created.

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Other reasons for their cancellation include financial statements and non-reporting of changes to the board of directors, indicating that they will be destroyed if they do not comply for at least one year before the Enforcement Commission; When their activities are contrary to the nature of legal personality; To use the organizational program to promote instability campaigns in the country; For administrative clearance obtained for non-compliance with their duties or committing prohibited acts.

The final section of the article referred to, “Nos. 47 (47) of this article will be passed on to the heirs of the NPO (Nonprofit Company) in the event of revocation (of legal authority) for reasons established under Nos. 2 to 9.

The human rights organization reports that about 135 civil society organizations have been abolished by the Ordega dictatorship. “We condemn the systematic repression that the Ordega Murillo regime promotes against civil society organizations and violate the human rights of thousands of beneficiaries,” the statement said.

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