The official Cuban press is no longer safe from ‘cockroaches’

Digital version of the official station Radio Guama Deleted article On “Cockroach milk”. Or have acted like that. The footprint is still on the internetNo maneuver will save the state media from a barrage of criticism, including on their servers, social networks, and memes.

It was released by Pinar del Rio’s local radio. “Cockroach milk is the name given to the secretion of a crystalline substance that looks like milk produced by a type of cockroach. Diploptera punctata (Cypress cockroach or Pacific beetle cockroach) Viviparous species that feeds on its young with this secretion “.

The meaning is “no milk and no lactose,” but note that “It has a high nutritional value, rich in proteins, carbohydrates (basically sugars) and fats”.

Its protein content is higher than that No milk Of mammalsAnd its fat content, fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, omega-3 and short- and medium-chain fatty acids, are an important energy source with approximately 230 kcal / 100 g, “he added.

According to a Radio Guama article, “Colombia was the first country to market and distribute this cockroach milkHe describes it as “a dull, thick yellow substance with a high frying taste.”

He insisted.Another food approved for marketing in Europe in the future“.

Included is one of the early critical comments of Cubans on social networks Rain of memes and others making fun of cockroach milk. According to the Spanish newspaper, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexploiting the object in the future, no matter how disgusting it may seem, has been supported by science for some time. Confidential. On the island, there are countless trials driven by chronic scarcity, raising suspicions.

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Scientists at Pinar del Rio have worked hard to achieve the world’s first mechanized milking plant for cockroaches, which will put Pinar and Cuba at the forefront of CUCARACHITA MARTINA milk production.“He wrote on Twitter.

The user, identified as Los Renegados, asks himself a “serious question.” How many cockroaches should be given milk per liter of milk available?

For his part, El Logo de Abella considers it an “excellent idea” and argues: “This is how cockroaches disappear in Cuba. They tested Gordon de la Habana, lost coffee, harvested 10 million and had no sugar, ‘Ubre Blanca’ and no milk, no medical power and no drugs, so continue the cockroach test “.

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Posted by Cuban Journal On Wednesday, March 30, 2022

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