The agent who was shot in San Juan responded to his ex-boss’s voice: “I know God works”

In the middle of a Mobilizing state and federal officials Those responsible for shooting the agent should be arrested Voldemort BurgosFrom the San Juan Motor fitted section, the thoughts of his family, friends and colleagues heard only one thing: the identity of life.

Hours after the incident, which was recorded this morning at the Vista Hermosa residential complex in Puerto Nuevo, San Juan, 42-year-old Burgos surprised everyone with 22 years of experience wearing a uniform when he feared he had suffered brain death. His friend and former boss, Lieutenant Leslie Geno, responded to the Arecibo police commissioner’s voice.

“Relatives allowed me to see a partner. When he heard the voice of this server, he moved his knees and legs and he even pressed my hand. Immediately the paramedics in the area called the doctor who came there. If I talk to him again, I talk to him, he answers, thank God “They told me.Geno said New day According to Commissioner Antonio Lopez Fikurova, the first meeting with Burgos was at the hospital after the incident, which caused more than 250 police officers to mobilize.

According to Geno, after the medical staff confirmed that Burgos had responded to the stimulus and were surprised to see how the “monitors were activated”, they decided to transfer him to the intensive care unit.

“God forbid … he even had a monitor in his hand and the monitor was strong when he pressed me.

“This is very pleasant news and to see it within conditions. He continues to criticize, but I know that the prayers of the blue blood soldiers (policemen) and many who pray for him will be restored in the name of God,” the lieutenant declared.

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The good news came during a police operation in Vista Hermosa, where authorities were able to arrest two suspects. They occupied the apartment until Saturday afternoon in search of third parties.

An agent is “most loved by all”

Speaking to Burgos, he recalled the events he shared with the agent during more than 15 years of friendship, and Sino shared that he reunited them in the hope that he would be heard. Burgos’ unexpected response came. Drones.

“A person advising him, he gave it to us. He was the happiest, funniest person … the barber, the cook, everything, and still will be. He is loved by many of his colleagues and those on the street, ”he added.

Although they were optimistic, Lieutenant Burgos’ response was surprising: “I know God really does miracles, and he’s going to do it,” he shouted as he listened to prayers and greetings for Burgos and his family.

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