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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan presented this Tuesday’s Annual Report for 2021, a comprehensive review of the world’s human rights situation, countries and continents, individuals, civil rights, politics and states. Labor rights are recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international conventions. As of 2020, the governments of Russia and China have largely violated fundamental rights. Last year, Spain was cited for cases of police abuse in its suppression of various protests.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Washington summoned the cases of countries that have unjustly imprisoned, tortured or killed political opponents, activists, human rights defenders or journalists. Russia and the People’s Republic of China, with the exception of North Korea, are prominent on the list Nicaragua And Syria. The report documents abuses against peaceful pro-democracy protesters in Burma and Belarus. Cuba, Hong Kong and Sudan. Concerned cases of cross-border repression stand alone, as Belarus forced an international business plane to arrest an independent journalist critical of the Minsk government.

In China, the State Department has documented regime assassinations, enforced disappearances, torture cases, and mass detention of minorities. A special case is the “genocide” perpetrated by Beijing against Uyghurs in Xinjiang’s Autonomous Province and other Muslim minorities in the region. Systematic harassment of Uyghurs has already been condemned in the 2020 report. Another express note refers to the harsh conditions in some prisons, which “sometimes endanger the lives of prisoners”. Like Russia, China’s document is very detailed, from restrictions on creation and trust to abuses ranging from forced contraception or abortion under threat.

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Although the report does not reflect the alleged war crimes committed during the February 24 invasion of Ukraine, the chapter on Russia is full of all sorts of violations, such as poisoning the opposition leader. Alexei Navalny In August 2020, along with Novichok, a neurotic agent was used in an attack on former spy Sergei Skribal two years ago. The Foreign Ministry document confirms the surveillance of dozens of enemies by FSP agents (Russian intelligence agency, the successor to the former KGB), who were involved in the deaths of many of them, and sometimes disguised as suicide. The text compiles these chapters into a chapter entitled “Ordinary loss of life and other extrajudicial or politically motivated killings” at the hands of the authorities.

Upon submitting the report to Washington, Blinken assured that he was not in a position to confirm anything about the alleged use by the United States. Chemical weapons in Ukraine, But said it was a “real concern”. “We are in direct conversation with our partners to determine what really happened,” he added.

Irregularities in the suppression of protests in Spain

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Like other developed countries, Spain enjoys its humiliation. The report cites police abuse cases in the suppression of protests and cites examples of protests after the rapper was arrested and convicted, collecting complaints from parties and NGOs. Paul Hazel For praising terrorism, a woman in it lost her eye to a foam bomb attack. Remember that too Events in Linarus (John), In February 2021, two policemen were arrested for assaulting a man and his daughter, a minor, which provoked several public protests. As for the so-called Political prisoners of trial (Catalan independence leaders condemned by the Supreme Court in 2019), Washington notes in a brief note: “Neither the government nor any international human rights organization supports that demand. [independentista]”, Regarding their status as political prisoners.

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Despite the gloomy global picture, the document shows signs of progress and some glimmers of hope. In Iraq, according to Washington, last year’s legislative elections were “more reliable and transparent than 2018”. In Botswana, a court upheld the rights of LGBTQI + individuals by upholding the innocence of same-sex relationships. In Turkmenistan, imprisoned Jehovah’s Witnesses and all conscientious objectors were pardoned, a victory for religious freedom.

Unlike his predecessor, the isolated Donald Trump, President Joe Biden has demonstrated his commitment to respecting human rights from the first minute of his term. By sending the United States back to the UN Human Rights CouncilTrump, a Geneva-based Republican, withdrew from the country in protest of an organization run by Israel.

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