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The U.S. Commander-in-Chief of the United States made the remarks on Thursday Significant presence of Russian intelligence personnel in Mexico, He noted his “concerns” over Chinese and Russian attempts to influence the US region.

General Glenn Vanherk said during the Senate hearing Currently the largest part of the world is the members of the Russian military intelligence agency based in Mexico, known by its abbreviated GRU.

Van Herck noted this problem when asked about the challenges facing the United States on the Mexican border where many transnational criminal organizations operate.

“My concern is the instability it creates This creates an opportunity for actors like China and Russia and others with evil intentions to seek access and influence in our area.“, He said.

The senior U.S. general, who commands the North American space defense command, said there were “very aggressive and active” actors in North America and the Caribbean.

“I want to point it out Most GRU members in the world are currently based in Mexico. It was Russian intelligence officials. And they are closely monitoring the opportunities that exist in the United States and the opportunities that affect access, ”he said.

Southern Commander-in-Chief Laura Richardson, who testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday, agreed with Van Herck’s assessment.

“I was in leadership for almost five months and I was fascinated by how much China and Russia are actively expanding their influence in our neighborhood.Said General Richardson, who was in charge of U.S. military operations in the Caribbean, Central and South America. (I)

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