Russia sinks Dominican-flagged ship in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine –– A civilian boat sank in the besieged city of Mariupol after Russian forces opened fire, Ukraine says.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry said in a statement that the ship was attacked “during an attack from (Russian) waters”, which caused a fire in the engine room. It added that crews, including an injured sailor, had been rescued.

The ship was carrying the Dominican Republic flag, according to officials who released a photo of the merchant ship. They did not specify how many people were on board or what country they belonged to.

Russian forces have been shelling Mariupol for weeks in an attempt to tighten control of the country’s southeast coast.

Ukrainian soldiers are monitoring the damage caused by Russian forces

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BERLIN – Moldova, an impoverished Eastern European country, says its prime minister says international aid is needed to deal with the influx of refugees fleeing neighboring Ukraine.

Speaking at a donors’ conference in Berlin on Tuesday, Natalia Gavrilida said a quarter of those who entered the country since the end of February had about 100,000 refugees in her country.

With a population of 2.5 million, Moldova has sought to provide them with decent conditions due to the “unprecedented mobilization” of the public and private sectors, Gavrilita pointed out.

But “tackling this flow is one of the biggest challenges facing any Moldovan government in the last three decades,” he added.

In addition to financial assistance, Moldova needs assistance to establish electrical connections with Romania. Gavrilia called on the European Union to open its market for agricultural imports from Russia as it withdraws from Russian orbit.

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Brussels – European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen will travel to Kiev this week to meet with the President of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The president will travel to the Ukrainian capital ahead of a special donor meeting in Warsaw this weekend, his spokesman Eric Mamer said on Tuesday. This is the second visit by a senior EU official to the country since Roberto Metzola, President of the European Parliament, last week.


Geneva – a group International Committee of the Red Cross After being arrested overnight by police in a town 20 kilometers (12 miles) east, he sets aside his hopes of entering the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which has been trying to enter the city with a small group since Friday as part of an effort to evacuate civilians and provide assistance, said people captured by police in Manhosh had been released overnight. He did not identify the nationality of the agents involved.

The organization explained in a statement that it was now focusing on the evacuation operation and that “yesterday’s incident shows just how turbulent and complicated it was for our team to get around safely to Mariupol”.

ICRC spokesman Jason Straussio said the team was not trying to enter Mariupol today. Today our group’s humanitarian efforts are focused on assisting evacuation efforts in nearby areas.


Copenhagen, Denmark – Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs The country says it will expel 15 Russian intelligence agents who worked at the country’s embassy in Copenhagen.

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The Russian ambassador was informed of the decision on Tuesday, and the ministry explained that Denmark strongly condemned “Russia’s brutality against Ukrainian citizens in Pucha” and that “deliberate attacks on civilians are war crimes.”

Agents have two weeks to leave the country. According to Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod, “we can not ignore the fact that they pose a threat to our national security.”

The day before, France and Germany announced the expulsion of dozens of Russians of diplomatic rank.


MADRID – Taking action against Russia’s natural gas sector is “too complicated” for the European Union, as some federal states depend on it for their energy supply and the strength of the EU depends on its unity, the Spanish environment minister said. Change.

Theresa Ribeira noted that “it is very difficult to explain to European public opinion and Ukrainian society” that we continue to import fuels from Russia that finance the war, and that these actions create “apparent moral tension.”

The European Union receives 40% of its natural gas from Russia.


BRUSSELS – France’s finance minister says there is “full commitment” among 27 EU partners to strengthen sanctions against Russia following the release of evidence of the deliberate killing of Ukrainian civilians.

Bruno Le Maire, the country’s head of the rotating EU, spoke ahead of a meeting with his EU colleagues, where new measures could be discussed.

Le Maire insisted President of France Emmanuel Macron Has made it clear that it is open to expanding sanctions on coal and oil. “We will see what the position of the other member states is, but I think a union of 27 member states is possible in these new obstacles.”

The sanctions imposed by Brussels on Moscow after the start of the invasion on February 24 have affected many sectors of the country’s economy, but for now they do not threaten to affect its Russian energy supply.


LIOPOLIS, Ukraine – Seven humanitarian corridors, including one from the besieged port city of Mariupol and one from the Russian-controlled Bertiansk, will open on Tuesday, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verschuk told the Telegram news agency.

According to Vereshchuk, residents of Mariupol and Berdyansk can travel to Zaporizhia in their own vehicles. Corridors will be opened from Tokmak in the Zaforizhia region and from the cities of Severodonetsk, Lyczynsk, Bopasna and Hirsch in Luhansk.

In the same post, Vereshchuk explained at the Manhush settlement west of Mariupol that Russian troops “would not allow anyone to enter Mariupol” and that Moscow “blocked representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross”.

Following the talks, members of the Red Cross were “released in the evening and sent to Zaporizhia,” Vareshchuk added.

It was not immediately clear from the president’s message whether Russia had agreed to stop fighting in designated corridors. As the attacks continued despite deals with Moscow, some Ukrainian attempts to evacuate civilians along these routes failed.


LONDON – British security officials say Ukrainian forces are recapturing additional territory as Russian troops continue to retreat into northern Ukraine.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian forces “have recaptured key territories” and then forced Russian troops to withdraw around the northern and northern city of Chernihiv, Q. “Low-key fighting is likely to continue in some areas of the newly occupied territory, but will be significantly reduced this week as other Russian forces retreat,” he added.

In an online intelligence update, Britain said several Russian units “will need substantial re-equipment and re-fitting before being re-employed in eastern Ukraine.”

Ukrainian and Western officials say they are re-focusing their attacks on the Donbass area east of Moscow.


BERLIN – Germany’s president has acknowledged mistakes in Russia’s policy during his previous term as foreign minister.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier served twice with former President Angela Merkel as Foreign Secretary – most recently between 2013 and 2017 – and as CEO of former President Heckhard Schrder. At the time, Germany was seeking talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and developing closer energy ties.

Speaking on ZDF television on Tuesday, Steinmeier said, “We have failed in many respects,” including efforts to lead Russia toward democracy and respect for human rights.

The president acknowledged that there were “different values” for Russia among European countries. “It is true that we need to take more seriously the warnings of our Eastern European partners, especially in the post-2014 period and the construction of the Nortstream 2 gas pipeline,” he added.

Having that plan was a mistake that cost Germany “a lot of credit and credibility” in Eastern Europe, he said. Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz suspended the Russia pipeline that week Invaded Ukraine.


Leopolis, Ukraine – Russia’s reorganizing forces are preparing to launch an offensive in the Donbass, Ukrainian civil servants say.

“The aim is to establish complete control over the Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” the organization explained in an update on its website on Tuesday. Facebook.

In Donetsk and Luhansk, civil servants said, the Russian military was taking full control of Mariupol and focusing on seizing control of the cities of Bobasna and Rubisne. Other cities and settlements in the two regions have come under constant shelling.

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