Roberto Gonzalez Neves acknowledges that Puerto Rican Catholicism is “experimental, perhaps in danger.”

Archbishop of San Juan, Robert Gonzalez NevesToday, Sunday, was approved as Mansinger’s dismissal Daniel Fernandez Torres As bishop of the Diocese of Arecibo, he has “tested, and perhaps endangered” Catholicism in Puerto Rican, but he has asked the congregation to be “united as one family.”

“Puerto Rico are people who love the Holy Father. Puerto Rican Catholicism has three characteristics: love for grace, love for the Virgin Mary and love for the Holy Father and it has been going on for centuries, apparently, it has been put to the test, perhaps in danger, this condition, but basically We believe in Jesus “Monsignor said.

That conducted “Love and faith in the Holy Father must be unquestionable, though (process) painful.” However, he admitted it “We live in a moment of great tragedy and crisis, and for many, a moment of great misunderstanding.”

“We will always be one Catholic family, faithful to Jesus, devoted to Mary, and faithful to the Holy Father. May this moment be a solidification for us.”Grow in unity, ”he confirmed when asked to continue to pray for Fernandez Torres and his family.

After the dismissal of Fernandez Torres, there were revelations of the supreme leader when he arrived this afternoon at the invitation of members of the Catholic Church, in front of the cathedral in Old San Juan, shouting for the unity of the parishioners. Many in the organization, especially those in the diocese of Arecibo, have questioned and rejected the order of Pope Francis.

“I understand that your presence is a balm for Monsignor Daniel It is important for him to feel his intimacy and that love, because this is a very traumatic moment not only for him, but also for the Diocese of Arecibo for the Church of Puerto Rico.Because if one member is injured, we are all injured, ”he said.

They said the operation, which was mostly led by young people, included songs and testimonies of young people affected by the work of Fernandez Torres.

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