Residents of a town on the border with El Salvador flee their homes in fear of gang members – Brenza Libre

The village of Los Floros, Ciudad Pedro de Alvarado, Moita, Judea, is located near the Pass River that separates Guatemala with El Salvador, until a few days ago its people lived in harmony; However, after hardening Naib Bhukel’s anti-gang plan has changed everything. Some left their homes.

“There are threats from gang members trying to force rent in the border area Evacuate Guatemalans from their homes and border areas. Said Interior Minister Napoleon Periandos last Monday.

Because of the above, Noticiero Guatevisión and Prensa Libre’s team traveled more than 150 kilometers east of the country to talk to families living in the village and learn about their concerns.

According to the families, they did not leave their homes due to threats, but men had to leave their wives and children alone during the day for fear that gang members might come, which causes them. Anxiety, like 49-year-old Roberto, has been in this place all his life.

He says he left his home on March 25 with his seven children and four grandchildren and his wife. D.Colonia stayed in a rented house for 10 days in Antigua. Located a few miles from home. I paid 400 rupees for rent there.

He returned home this Tuesday with his son – in – law’s family, promising to carry out coordinated patrols by the military and the National Civil Police (PNC), which he points out at other times. Immigrants and suspected criminals cross the river from El Salvador.

“Our departure was for the safety of the children and wives because we went to work up to two kilometers from our jobs, and here the women are alone and insecure with the children,” Roberto said.

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He added that they had returned because they had offered to increase security in the area and, in addition, he assured them of the support of the military and the PNC.

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Living with someone is a confusing situation, even though they have not told us anything. What one wants is to protect oneself when one sees danger ”,” he said. Said Roberto’s nephew, who wanted to remain anonymous.

He also said there was no telephone signal in the village so it was difficult to stay in touch with the security forces.

To reach the village of Los Flores, one has to travel more than 150 kilometers from the capital and then travel around six kilometers of dirt road. 600m descent on the trails leading to the site of three houses on the shores of the Rio Pass.

Fishing, pea cultivation, maize, sesame and animal husbandry are the economic activities that allow them to survive as there are no jobs in the sector.

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A few meters from Roberto’s house, built by Bazarek (mud-covered bars), where his son-in-law lives, he also returned home with his family. He points out that he was not threatened, but for prevention he decided to stay for 10 days in another house in the Antigua area.

He pointed out that there was fear in the place due to the current situation. And point out that the officers abandoned the place because they did not carry out routine patrols.

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During the tour, there was only one PNC checkpoint in the Ciudad Pedro de Alvarado and it was clear that the J8 Division and soldiers were stationed in the rural area of ​​Los Flores.

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