Putin has arrested his own military chief for leaking information about the Russian military

Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired and arrested one of his country’s most important military leaders, Roman Gavrilov, 45, for leaking information and wasting one of the most valuable elements during the conflict.

Apparently, according to the British portal Daily star, The deputy leader of the Rosquartia force was arrested by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation.

The media also confirmed that the retaliation may have been due to information provided by the military, which claimed many lives.

Gavrilov took over the post in June last year after serving 10 years in the country’s Federal Guard – from which he was fired. However, Its frontier (Rosquarta) has been the hardest hit by Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

Russian middle Commercial The Russian police did not comment on what happened to General Gavrilo after the criminal case and his arrest, and the head of the State Duma’s Information Policy Committee, Alexander Kinstein, a former adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard, called the information about the general’s arrest “completely false.”.

Khinshtein also said he had made calls even with the military In fact, they sent letters to each other so they could not stop him. After the above, further details about Gavrilo’s condition are not yet known.

More than 60 kilometers of Russian military contingent advances towards Q.

Despite the promise of the Ukrainian military to control the progress of the Russian army, a large contingent of more than 60 kilometers continues on its way to kyiv to bring the capital under control.

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Recent images taken by the Maxar Technologies satellite show the reunification of troops around the convoy, leading many to speculate on a more brutal new offensive by Vladimir Putin’s military forces. Snapshots taken by the same satellite also reveal strategic positions located just 27 kilometers from kyiv, including the trees and residential areas of the city of Ocera.

The Ukrainian government is watching as the siege on kyiv tightens and they pledged to “tight security” the capital against Russian forces, who, according to local officials, bombed a military base in the Lviv region near the Polish border on Sunday.

Currently on the outskirts of Q, According to Ukrainian civil servants, Russian troops are trying to neutralize neighboring cities to “besiege” the capital.. Its northwestern suburbs (Irbin, Pucha) have been heavily bombed in recent days.

The British Defense Ministry on Saturday estimated that Russian forces were 25 kilometers from the capital and that the north was scattered.. However, in the west and east of the capital, anti-Ukrainian sentiment is high, with reporters reporting on the war in the region.

The Ukrainian presidency promised “severe security” in the capital, and Ukrainian soldiers interviewed by the AFP said their morale remained the same. And what are his enemies? “They were forced to camp in villages where the night temperature reached -10ºC. They had no supplies and they had to loot houses,” said Ilya Berchenko, a 27-year-old Ukrainian soldier.

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