Passengers will leave the country by plane from the Norwegian Escape cruise ship stranded in Porto Plata.

Passengers will be unloaded and airlifted from the Norwegian Escape Cruise, while the ship will remain in Dino Bay harbor. “Until relevant assessments are resolved”, Indicates a connection from the port.

The note establishes that the Norwegian Cruise Line, the technical team of the NCL, makes appropriate adjustments in accordance with maintenance and insurance protocols.

The permanence of a ship docked at a port is defined in the statement a Additional precautionary measures and a section of the indicated protocols Below the line

In this sense, the responsibility for handling passengers is determined by the freight agent, Landing of departing tourists by air to Miami, Florida.

According to the technical team, this is expected to be in a few more days When the ship leaves Porto Plata”.

The Port of Dino Bay reaffirms its cooperation with Dominican Republic and NCL cruise line officials so that the Norwegian Escape ship can safely return to its destination as soon as possible.

The Norwegian Escape was washed ashore on Monday afternoon It left for St. Thomas at 5:10 pm and remained at the bay exit until 12 noon, where the wave could improve and carry out exit maneuvers, after which it returned to port with relevant estimates.

Dino Bay Harbor It has received more than 70 ships since the beginning of its operations On December 15, 2021.

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