Mesquite announced the suspension of aid to Cuba and Venezuela

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Franklin Garcia Fermin, This Wednesday led to a socialization process with representatives of several associations of specialized medical associations around Resolution 28-2021 regulating the training of that department in the Dominican Republic.

During a discussion at the hall of the National Council for Higher Education, Science and Technology (CONSIDE), it was agreed that the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESSID) was established by regulations to be certified. Relevant status, depending on the case, medical specialties inspected in hospitals not approved by the University, but approved by the Ministry of Public Health, in accordance with Section 7 of the Regulation of Higher Educational Institutions established by Order 463-04, 24 May 2004.

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The order establishes that the medical specialties studied in the teaching hospitals known as medical residences are equivalent to the postgraduate level and are duly documented by the relevant institution, with a master’s degree or special standard, recognized by the Messit. Appropriately ..

Section 2 of Resolution 28-2021 states that “any physician who returns home after training as a specialist has the right to carry out the reassessment process on the basis of documents duly legalized by Messit and international agreements for that purpose.”

Paragraph 1 of Rule 3 states, “Physicians with medical specialization outside the country must comply with professional competencies in programs required to comply with special requirements nationally, as well as training supervised in a program with university accreditation to meet minimum skills, academic objectives, assessment, and certification for performance and compliance. With due time, all of these must be certified by an accredited university.

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In the development of the socialization process of Resolution 28-2021, Dr. Garcia Fermin announced Scholarships to Cuba and Venezuela will be suspended until the university authorities of the two countries and the Dominican States have reached a “comparative solution of research projects” with the universities of Cuba, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

He promised to maintain contacts with the Cuban government through the Dominican Ambassador to the island, Amouri Rண்டnten de Jess, to find a solution for students in the Dominican Republic who still teach at Cuban universities.

Until an agreement is reached on the comparison of research projects between the 3 countries, the head of the state agency, Dr., will suspend grants to Cuba and Venezuela. Announced by Franklin Garcia Fermin.

Garcia Fermin stressed that Resolution 28-2021 is aimed at resolving a problem that has plagued the country for more than 15 years and the well-being of associations of specialized medical associations and students who have been trained abroad and faced. Difficulty entering the National Medical Market.

Owner Messit iHe pointed out that Resolution 28-2021 will continue to be socialized with the directors of medical schools of various universities and other institutions of higher learning, with the aim of regularizing the training of specialized medical associations, with the authorities of the state institution. According to the rules.

In conversations between Mescyt and representatives of the Associations of Specialized Medical Associations, Jose Raல்l Batista, President of the Dominican Society of Otorhinolaryngology, congratulated Minister Garcia Fermin on the removal of Resolution 28-2021, which he said would solve a problem. Affected the Dominican medical class for more than a decade.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Carmen Everista Mathias with Garcia Fermin; Director of Academic Homologation, Advocate Carmen Ventura and Drs. Eduardo Okando is in charge of medical residences in Messit.

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The meeting was attended by Wanda Rodriguez, president of the Dominican Association of Nephrology; Representatives of the Dominican Society of Lung and Thoracic Surgery, Julio Jimenez and Juan Andres Resio de la Cruz; Rafaelina Concepci தலைவர்n, President of the Dominican Society of Cardiology and Caesar Moreta, President of the Dominican Society of Orthopedics.

Similarly, Lus Herrera, president of the Dominican Association of Pediatrics and Justo Nicosio Maldonado, former president of the Council of Specialized Medical Associations.

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