LUMA and PREPA restored power to about 100,000 subscribers affected by the Aguirre power outage.

Federation LUMA energy And this Electricity Authority (EEA) As of Saturday night, it was reported that about 1.3 million subscribers had received electricity and service had been restored to about 100,000 customers. The power supply was cut off again in the afternoon due to a fault at the Aguirre plant.

The General blackout It crosses Puerto Rico, following a breakdown and fire at the Costa Sur plant on Wednesday night. The cause is still under investigation.

As of 11:30 pm on Saturday, the electrical connection alignment progress report, The brigades of the Federation and PREPA restored service to about 1.3 million subscribers, the same total reached in the morning and fell to 1.2 million customers as a result of the incident at the Aguirre plant.. In addition, they were able to synchronize about 1,900 MW of generation.

However, LUMA warned that service outages could occur due to energy shortages and ongoing efforts to restore electricity throughout the island.

The previous day, LUMA Energy had made the same announcement when it reported a failure at the Aguirre plant.

“The LUMA and PREPA (Electric Power Authority) teams are continuing to restore power throughout Puerto Rico and are working hard to restore service to all remaining customers as quickly and safely as possible.Wayne Stensby, President and CEO of LUMA Energy, at 7:24 pm

Both LUMA and PREPA have repeatedly urged customers to save energy “considering the generation currently available and the energy peak during the day and night.”

More than 1,800 MW of power generation was brought in and measured online this morning, but this afternoon it dropped to 1,700 MW.

“Restructuring work continues to be a challenge as the LUMA and PREPA teams work to establish and connect more generations day and night,” they pointed out.

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They urged the consortium’s customers to save energy “considering the generation currently available and the energy peak of day and night.”

“We urge customers to protect their energy use throughout Saturday to reduce energy demand and support the restoration process until more generations come online,” they added.

Stensby mentioned in the press release “We do everything we can to reduce this vulnerability when dealing with an energy system that is very weak.”

“We understand how frustrating this situation is and we ask for the patience and understanding of our customers. The LUMA team will continue to work throughout the event until electricity is fully restored to all customers,” Stensby said.

In an info update at 8:00 pm, LUMA said Troops continue to work throughout the night with the aim of complete restoration on Sunday morning.

For its part, the public company said it had completed repair work on the capacitor of Unit 2 of the Aguirre plant, whose operations have been normalized and are in the process of increasing production.

Earlier, at 5:00 pm, PREPA stated that it was engaged in repair work, which would cause service disruption. PREPA at the time added that units of the Costa Sur and Ego Electrica plants. “Do not return to service, system will not have enough reserve”.

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Yesterday, during a press conference, the Managing Director of PREPA, Joshua ColumbusHe explained that the Costa Sur and EcoEléctrica plants in Peñuelas were not yet in service and were waiting for some work in the transmission and distribution area to be completed. LUMA energy“Start unit startups and put them on service”.

Costa Sur and EcoEléctrica (Private) are the two largest plants in Puerto Rico.

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