Lopez Obrador brings together the difficult hub of the fourth transition at the opening of the new airport

Andrés Manuel López Obrador during the conference prior to the official opening of the new Philip Angels AirportRodrigo Oropeza

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador I woke up earlier than usual this Monday to prove to the first person that the new airport is not too far away. At 5 a.m., Lopez Obrador took more than 30 minutes to drive the 45-kilometer stretch that separates the National Palace from the state of Mexico, where the new terminal is located, avoiding traffic jams in the Mexican capital. From Philip Angels International Airport (AIFA) He gave his daily morning lecture and took heart from work: “The task is accomplished”. Three years after the missions began, the president unveiled one of his star projects on Monday.

At the end of the morning, he went to the control tower, from where he saw the first plane landing, and from Guadalajara, opened two trade lanes, one of which was to be added to the military operations. Three Mexican airlines are already operating at the terminal. After many disagreements, Aeromexico set out first. The AIFA This is not just a redesign of a military base. The military develops and implements civil and commercial activities through a company whose administration is occupied by top military officials.

The president attended the inauguration speeches, accompanied by military personnel and a large crowd gathered outside the hangar. Lopez Obrador did not participate in the main action due to limitations due to the election ban imposed within three weeks of consultation. Cancellation of the order. This Monday’s opening ceremony also served as the starting signal for a new electoral cycle in Mexico. Following the cancellation consultation – scheduled for April 10 – state elections in all six institutions of the country are set for June 15.

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After the national anthem, more than 1,000 guests, among others, General Gustavo Vallejo, one of the few secretaries and governors of his government from the Yucatan to Jalisco, one of the military engineers in charge of the project, recalled the momentum. The work, “863 Days and Nights Despite the Epidemic”, underscores the fact that the budget has not been exceeded. The cost of the work, so far, is $ 2,600 million from the general budget, Without the loan fees, it is one of the greatest virtues of the program. The Texaco airport, planned by the Enrique Pena Nieto government, is less than a quarter of the $ 13,000 million canceled by Lopez Obrador.

Installations at the new Philip Angels Airport.Photo: Nayeli Cruz | Video: Government of Mexico

During the inauguration speeches, Benito Juarez, one of Mexico’s first liberal presidents and one of Lopez Obrador’s historical figures, was repeatedly praised. With the president’s clear signal, Juarez’s birthday is set to kick off this Monday, and the pace has accelerated to make the move more symbolic. Claudia Sheinbaum, head of the capital government, pointed out the differences between the canceled work and the new infrastructure, which “reflects the spirit of the Fourth Change”, which is the bombing slogan of the Morenista government. During the construction of a new airport of historic significance in the capital, Sheinbaum spoke of “resilience, honesty and perseverance”.

Mexico City International Airport (AICM) has been accumulating enrichment for almost two decades. In 2019, airport officials warned that the situation would exceed the minimum level of air security. The AIFA, located about 45 kilometers from Mexico City, will be integrated into a metropolitan airport network that will include AICM and the existing third base in Toluca, Mexico.

The main unknowns of the project are the focus on connectivity and shared airspace. The government estimates that when the group is at full capacity, it will reach 159 million passengers a year, more than the forecast for the canceled airport.

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