Lionel Fernandez promotes government in mass transportation

“They are copying our ideas, they are not lending to us,” the former president said this Friday Lionel Fernandez Monorail construction and other mass transportation projects promoted by the federal government in the city Santiago.

The former president pointed out that these works are part of his Dominican Republic 2044 national plan.

“All that is said about road development is our ideas”, Fernandez promised.

Chairman of Vin People’s Force He spoke about the matter during a press conference in Santiago.

Credit to clinics

Fernandez was in support of a two billion peso loan plan announced by the president Louis Abinader, Renewal, service portfolio expansion and acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment for private sector clinics.

He believes the Dominican government should help all departments as much as it can.

He mentioned in his government administration the economic facilities provided for construction Santiago Metropolitan Hospital (Holmes).

The President in his speech, People’s Force Spoke about “the main problems of the Dominican Republic”. Among those who highlighted inflation, unemployment and citizen insecurity.

He said the country needs a new wave of transformation in the implementation of high technology.


The political leader spoke out against the zero rate plan that would impose a tax on a particular commodity to reduce the prices of the basic basket. He suggested that the initiative did not include the import of finished goods.

He also spoke about the consequences of the Russian invasion Ukraine. He described the armed conflict as “analogous”.

Fernandez predicted that the next world war would be a digital one.

Fernandez was accompanied by a delegation led by former senators Euclides Sanchez and Jose Rafael Vargas. More leaders People’s Force From the political and central leadership of Jose Isciardo, Demosthenes Martinez, Altacracia Gonzalez and others People’s Force.

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The move was made at the Loft Hotel in Santiago.

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