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11pm Sunday in Kiev. This is what you need to know

A Ukrainian policeman passes damaged vehicles outside a train station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, on April 8. (Fadel Senna / AFP / Getty Images)

The death toll in the attack on the Kramatorsk railway station (Ukraine) As high as 57The head of the Donetsk regional military administration said on Sunday.

“As of 11 a.m. today, April 10, the death toll is 57 and the number of injured is 109,” said Pavlo Girilenko. “Those with minor injuries have been discharged to go home, those with serious injuries have been taken to safer areas and necessary assistance is being provided.”

Clean-up operations began at the site of the blast. CNN saw workers wearing plastic gloves picking up scattered human remains. Others searched for papers and documents scattered around the station. Laid on the floor with plastic bags, hats, gloves and shoes filled with food.

Several hit points of the attack were visible, in which the car was hit directly. There were pools of blood and dead dogs on the tracks, partly covered with white tarpaulin.

Other recent headlines from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine are:

Ukraine’s foreign minister says Russia’s initial invasion plan failed: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that Russia’s initial plan for an invasion of Ukraine had failed and that “history will show whose plan it is.” Leading its military invasion. Asked about the appointment of Russian Army General Alexander Dvornikov to lead the war in Ukraine, Kuleba said, “Now they have another plan, but we have our plans.” He added: “Whatever Russia plans to do, we have our strategy, and this strategy is based on the hope that we will win this war and liberate our territories.”

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The Russians are preparing for a major offensive in eastern Ukraine: Ukrainian officials have warned that significant fighting is taking place in the east of the country and that heavy shelling has been reported across the Donbass region, which could be a major Russian offensive. The head of Ukraine’s security intelligence told CNN on Friday that Russian troops were planning to reunite on the border and advance towards Kharkiv. Authorities have called for the evacuation of civilians as Russian forces focus on southern and eastern Ukraine. Satellite images collected and analyzed by Maxar Technologies show an eight-mile military convoy moving south through the eastern Ukrainian city of Velkyi Burluk on April 8. The city is located east of Kharkiv, near Ukraine’s border with Russia.

The former CIA director says the war in eastern Ukraine will be “a major battle” with a group of Russian forces: Retired General David Petraeus, a former CIA director and commander-in-chief who oversaw the war in Afghanistan until 2010, said Ukrainians could expect a “big fight” as Russian forces prepare for “massive progress” in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: It is “very difficult” to think of talks after the Russian attacks on Kramatorsk and Pucha: Guleba said on Sunday that it was “very difficult” to even think about talks with Russia following the missile attack on the eastern city of Gramadorsk and the atrocities in Pucha. “It is very difficult to even think about sitting with the people who are responsible for all these atrocities and war crimes that have caused so much damage in Ukraine,” Guleba said. NBC.

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US envoy Cheney says missile attack on Ukrainian railway station is “clearly genocide”: On Sunday morning, spokeswoman Liz Cheney said she believed this week’s missile attack on a Ukrainian railway station was “clearly genocide” and that European countries should “understand that they are financing that genocidal campaign” by buying oil and gas from Russia. . “I understand the economic consequences of Western European countries imposing a kind of oil and gas embargo similar to the one imposed by the United States on Russian oil and gas, but they must do so.” Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, told CNN’s Jack Tapper on the State of the Union that the United States should increase its own oil production to help Europe, but added, “You have to understand that they continue to import every day, every day. And gas, they finance Putin’s genocide in Ukraine.

US National Security Adviser warns new Russian general could launch more attacks on civilians: National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has warned that the United States expects Russia’s new top general, who is leading his war in Ukraine, to launch even more brutal attacks on civilians. “This particular general has an application in other organizations in Syria that includes anti-civilian atrocities, and much can be expected from this organization,” Sullivan told the Tabernacle in the State of the Union. “This general will be another perpetrator of crimes and atrocities against Ukrainian citizens.”

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