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Pope Francis holds the Ukrainian flag from Pucha (photo by Andreas Solaro / Getty Images by AFP)

Pope Francis has condemned the massacre of civilians by the Russian military in Pucha, a suburb of Kiev, and renewed his call for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

At his public meeting at the Vatican on Wednesday, the pope called for an end to the “atrocities” in Pucha, where bodies of civilians were scattered in the streets.

“Even more horrific atrocities are taking place against civilians, women and children. As they are victims, their innocent blood cries and begs into the sky,” he said.

Although the atrocities have been proven, Russia has repeatedly denied it. Responds Accusation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr ZhelenskyAt the UN Security Council on Tuesday, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebensia, said the allegations against the Russian military were “baseless”.

Pope meets Ukrainian refugee children: The pope lowered the Ukrainian flag and went to kiss it, saying, “The martyr came from the city of Pucha.” The move was greeted with widespread applause from the audience.

Francis invited a group of a dozen Ukrainian children, now refugees in Italy, to come on stage with him.

“These children have fled and come to a strange land. This is one of the benefits of the war. Let us not forget them, let us not forget the Ukrainian people,” he said.

Francis also strongly criticized the failure of international organizations to end the war in Ukraine.

“After World War II, attempts were made to lay the foundation for a new era of peace. But, unfortunately, the old story of rivalry between the major powers continued. And in the current war in Ukraine, we see a lack of masculinity. International organizations.”

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Some background: Although the Pope has not yet traveled to Ukraine in the midst of the Russian invasion, he told reporters on April 2 that a trip was “at the table”.

Francis’ comments in his public audience on Wednesday echoed his support for the Ukrainian refugees and his call for an end to the war.

On March 19, Francis visited 19 Ukrainian refugee children at the Pampino Case Children’s Hospital in Rome, Italy. They were being treated for cancer and neurological diseases, among other serious injuries caused by the eruption, Vatican Press Director Matteo Bruni said.

“Enough. Enough. The guns will fall. Negotiate vigorously for peace,” Francis said during his weekly Angels speech at the end of March.

“War cannot be inevitable. We cannot fight war,” he added.

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