He was arrested in DR for the murders of “Terrible Foot” eight years ago

Carlos Julio Mados Montero, known as the “terrible Colin”, was arrested last Friday in Spain for allegedly leading a cocaine smuggling network and was jailed in the Dominican Republic several years ago after being identified as the author of at least three murders. .

According to LISTÍN DIARIO records, Matos Montero has been involved in drug trafficking ever since.

According to these publications, the Dominican justice system has required a “terrible leg” since 2011. Caught In early May 2013, in Santo Domingo, at the intersection of Jacobo Majluda and Republica de Colombia Avenues.

In that case Arrested for the deaths of Nilvio Matos and Jose Lenin Matos, He was allegedly killed in separate incidents, which took place in Tamayo Municipality, Bahoruco Province; The other is in Barona, in the Canova Municipal District, respectively.

Several months later, the first instance court in the province of Poroko ordered Matos Montero to be remanded in custody as a mandatory measure. Another murder.

This is about Oscar Gonzalez MatosOn Saturday, February 16, 2014, near the home of the mayor of Montserrat in Tamayo, Matos Montero and his comrades attempted to shoot at home, according to prosecutors.

In this case, “Calín” was arrested while attempting to escape police harassment on the “Cruce de Ocoa” in Bordeaux.

There are no records of the circumstances under which he was released after these charges.

Drug trafficking

Matos Montero Was arrested During a joint operation between Spanish and Portuguese authorities, he attempted to flee to the Dominican Republic.

They said they had seized a total of 15 people and removed an organization accused of introducing cocaine into the country, according to a report by Spanish police.

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As they pointed out The “terrible leg” has been under investigation since 2019It is said to be the reason for the introduction of forty kilos of cocaine into Spain through the Madrid airport.

The police operation was followed by several searches in several Spanish cities About 83 kg of cocaine was seized28 telephone terminals, one revolver, seven vehicles, two scales and numerous documents, other assets.

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