George Glass released from Kodobaxi prison after a ‘habeas corpus’ | Policy | News

Just before noon on April 10, former Republican Vice President George Klaus was released again after being executed. Petition Presented by a judge of Mangalraldo’s Multicomponent Judicial Unit in Santa Elena.

From the very beginning, groups of people waiting for the release of the former vice president gathered near the Cotopaxi deprivation of Liberty Center.

Javier Moscoso, Judge of the Diversified Judicial Division in Manglerdo Parish, Santa Elena Region Petition For former Vice President George Glass Espinal, his physical and psychological integrity is said to be in jeopardy.

George W. Bush, the former Vice President of the Republic, regained his independence through ‘Habeas Corpus’.

Corismo political leaders such as Virgilio Hernandez, as well as legislators such as Pablo Munos, Fosto Jorin, Ronnie Aleca, Fernando Sedeno and Ricardo Ulquango arrived at the scene; From social media, former President Rafael Correa called to wait for his ex-spouse when he was released from prison, and announced that he was going to Guayaquil in a caravan, for which he was invited to greet him as he passed through Santo Domingo de las Saccilas. , Quetta, Paphos and especially Guayaquil.

Meanwhile, on social media, political leaders other than Gorrismo and some criminal lawyers questioned Judge Moscoso’s decision. (I)

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