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French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday reiterated that his country’s goal is a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the whole of Ukraine. Moscow’s announcement that it will focus its military action on DonbassEastern part of the former Soviet Republic.

“Our goal and passion is a ceasefire and a ceasefire throughout the region. First. The second thing we have to come up with is the withdrawal of Russian troops and the complete withdrawal of the entire territory. We pursue these two objectives, ”the politician told a news conference after the European summit in Brussels yesterday and today.

He said that until these two goals are achieved, sanctions on Russia, aid to Ukraine and negotiations will continue.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Obama’s government.

Commenting on Russia’s decision to focus on Donbass, he said: “This is a translation of an election that faces operational problems.

Public eviction

Macron also recalled that France had decided to launch a humanitarian operation, along with Turkey and Greece, to evacuate all those who wanted to leave the city of Mariupol, which was badly affected during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He promised to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin about it “in the next few hours” and today he had “very firm” discussions with Mayor Mariupol, “with transparency and the President (Volodymyr) Zhelensky and officials Ukrainians.” He added that France had its own “coordinating” teams and that they would negotiate with the “Russian side”.

Russia’s decision to accept Gas payments are in rubles only, all texts signed by the French president are clear;”.

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“It is not possible to do what is demanded today. It is not a deal. I do not think the Russian side has the will today to break those agreements,” he said, adding that France was in favor of respecting the agreements. And paying them in the currency predicted in them.

Regarding the European Commission’s joint gas procurement, he considered it “the best tool to reduce gas prices”, as was what was done to get vaccines against the corona virus. (I)

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