Election in Costa Rica | Rodrigo Chavez, the new president: Who is the controversial economist who promises a radical change from traditional politics?

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In his first message as president-elect, Rodrigo Chavez called on the opposition to support the creation of a “miracle” in Costa Rica.

Economist Rodrigo Chavez will be Costa Rica’s new president after this Sunday’s election, after his rival, Jose Maria Figueroa, conceded defeat.

With more than 95% of the tables counted, the Social Democratic Progressive Party (PSD) politician leads with 52.9%, while his opponent in the National Liberation Party (PLN) has 47.1%.

In his first message, the elected leader highlighted the union and sought the support of the opposition.

“I send a message to Jose Maria (Ficurus) and all the people who voted for him. I congratulate him on his aristocracy and ask him to work with Don Jose and his party,” he said. “We must all unite under the blue, white and red flags of our national emblem,” he added.

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