Disruption at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant: Russians looted it and dug trenches in radioactive soil, Ukraine condemns | Univision World News

Ukrainian officials have condemned the move “Irresponsibility” of Russian soldiers Who occupied Chernobyl nuclear power plant More than a month.

Although not active, the Chernobyl plant is an important facility where Ukrainian workers work every day. A large concrete structure serves as the sarcophagus for the plant’s nuclear reactor No. 4, which exploded in April 1986, causing the greatest nuclear catastrophe ever seen by mankind.

That is why he was so concerned about the Russian forces They occupied the plant and forced Ukrainian workers Need to work in shifts without rotating. After he left, Ukrainian authorities said so According to a report from, radiation levels are slightly higher than usual The New York Times No significant radiation leak was detected.

According to CNN, access to the plant’s interior now, after the withdrawal of re-invading forces in the east of the country, is slightly higher than the levels of radiation that the World Atomic Energy Agency describes as natural radiation. Also, this is due to the fact that soldiers walk around the facility and move radioactive material into their shoes.

They walked 6 miles around the nuclear plant through an area known as the ‘Red Forest’. The area with the highest nuclear pollution on the planet.

Ukrainian soldier Ihor Ugolkov told CNN that Russian soldiers may have taken dust particles from the ground in the area to their room overnight inside the plant. Occasional contact with this level of radiation does not cause direct damage to health, but it does occur if exposure persists.

“They went everywhere and took with them some radioactive dust (when they left),” Ugolkov was quoted as saying by Ukrainian authorities. “Irresponsible and careless” behavior on the part of Russia In Chernobyl and other nuclear zones in Ukraine.

“This is crazy, really,” Ukrainian Energy Minister German Kalushchenko told CNN during a tour of the plant. “I do not know why they did it (go to ‘Red Forest’),” he told the network.

Ukraine says Russia has dug a trench in Chernobyl

In addition to tests on the Red Forest, Ukrainian authorities have released drone footage of what they say were trenches dug by Russian soldiers in the area, which may have exposed radioactive dust lying on the ground.

Russian forces are believed to have been operating in the polluted areas for most of the months they were there. The wooded area caught fire and there were traces of heavy machinery going by.

On the other hand, Ukrainian officials condemned the plant workers’ receipt “Inhumane and dangerous treatment” of Russian troops. They said they were forced to work tirelessly and were kept there for a whole month.

The plant staff said Russian soldiers also looted the placeTwo warehouses and some workers’ belongings.

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