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Chaos and chaos were recorded this morning at Brena D headquarters Because dozens of people are waiting to activate their passports and never miss their scheduled flight. Many of them travel on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, holidays . However, long queues did not progress despite the focus on campus starting at 8am

According to LatinFirst they enter Citizens with children, pregnant women and the elderly Their flights are scheduled within 24 hours or 48 hours. “I’ve been waiting since 1:30 and they opened at 8am., I have to travel on April 14th, and they say come tomorrow to stand in another line at 1am ”,” he said. A senior citizen commented.

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Upon learning of his case, a migrant employee told him that he would be treated today as his flight would depart within the allotted time. “Procedures are procedures, they are 48 hours before and 24 hours before. We are constantly monitoring them,” he said.

In order to avoid large numbers of people and disturbances, personnel of the National Police (PNP) came to the area to bring order.

In the broadcast footage, you can see people lined up in long queues on Giron Juarez and Espana Avenue on Arequipa Avenue. Many of them are not considered due to their flights They are not scheduled within 48 or 24 hours. Also, it is not known how many passports will be issued today.

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There are long queues at the immigration office located in Prana. Photo: Cesar Grados / GEC

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On Monday, there was a delay in the issuance of passports at the George Chavez International Airport, which affected travelers traveling abroad. The same situation was recorded at Preena headquarters.

In its edition, National Migration Surveillance stressed that the “high demand” for passports was due to the “proximity of the long holiday” to Easter.

Similarly, he pointed out that passports can be pre-delivered through a supplier contracted this year, which will be sent to its various headquarters on Monday.

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