CJNG. DEA secret document against dangerous Colombian mob and two powerful allies

Monique PoderoMiami’s chief anti – drug lawyer and a specialized agent To give Two officials of the Tampa government United States They are upset that Cabo Juan Larrison Castro Estupinan, also known as Madampa, escaped from La Picota prison; And was frantic in recapturing it.

His movements, communication and adventures have been monitored for 6 years. They have appointed three witnesses against him and identified the co-ordinators and investors of the cocaine millionaire export.மாதம்பாIn one of the most wanted gang Colombia And the United States.

Part of the interception was carried out by two officers from the Colombian Anti-Drug Police, who patiently listened to members of the criminal organization.

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On November 23, 2018, the DEA was able to record a call from ‘Madamba’ claiming that 336 kg of cocaine had fallen on board. What Kappo did not know was that he was his interlocutor, whom he threatened to lose. Drugs called him from a room at the Federal Detention Center (FDC) In Miami, under the control of a federal agent assigned to the case.

Thanks to the informants, they already know that a powerful and famous horseman and a businessman called Lulo are the other brains of the ‘Madamba’ criminal organization, and they are the ones who pulled the strings to escape and bribed him. .

DEA indictment.

Nazi swastika

Time One of the inmates of a drug ship seized by the U.S. Coast Guard can access a sealed indictment against Kebo, who has been charged with aggravated assault, hotel meetings, shipments and other charges of aggravated assault.

According to the document, all exports of cocaine from Madamba had three characteristics: the ORG brand, a Nazi swastika and its high purity.

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Items containing that swastika were recently seized Costa Rica, Guatemala And Argentina. In the latter country, drug ownership is due to the ‘Gulf clan’, a key partner of ‘Madamba’.

The file alleges that Alexis Congora Bellakasar, also known as Nusa, also known as the cum and courier, was in charge of logistics for the criminal organization in the service of drug trafficker ‘Lulo’.

“He received everything from fuel to food, and also oversaw the recruitment of personnel from ships carrying cocaine,” the document said.

The EL TIEMPO High Security Pavilion houses the ‘Neusa’ in the PAS B de la Picota, which is the prelude to the abduction, where ‘Madamba’ must have taken place.

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‘News’ has revealed that he has met the fugitive person in jail. But he acknowledged that he had worked as an ambassador and boatman for Lulo, the owner of 336kg of cocaine that had left the port of Amareles on Narino Beach.

‘Newsa’ is 32 years old and born in El Sargo (Narino), in the same municipality as ‘Madamba’, where 40,000 people have been threatened, with the latest massacre, wooden houses and landing area.

Leader or mob?

Is in the PAS B of La Picota Jonis Enrique Poya Mesa, Alias ​​Madurana. This newspaper established that the DEA Special Agent assures that another file of the criminal organization is ‘Madurana’.

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What’s more, ” Nusa ”, ‘Madurana’ and one of the informants added the intercepted speech to the indictment.

The call revealed that 15 armed men from Medellin had arrived and struck a boat that was staying at the mouth of the Tabaje River in the Pacific, near El Charcoal.

‘Madurana’ went to charge for one of the goods seized by the United States in Costa Rican waters.

‘Madhurana’ would have told them that they could charge money to a girl who would be their own mother.

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In Dumago, on Monday, October 11 last year, they were frightened when the anti-drug police arrived to capture the nickname Madurana. Until then he was known as a respected coconut farmer and community leader.

Locals promise that he will take part in the peace process with the FARC, within the framework of the illegal crop transplant program. It was part of a patriotic march in Narino. He appears as a defender in the networks Human rights And Treasurer of the Gualajo River Community Council.

However, to the DEA agent, the ‘Madamba’ ambassador responsible for moving 336 kg of cocaine was hidden for three days.

Like ‘Nusa’, ‘Madurana’ promises never to meet ‘Madamba’. In his argument, he stated that his only sin was giving shelter to someone who belonged to his organization.

However, one of the informants told the DEA agent that he had spoken to ‘Madurai’ about the fall in drug exports at a meeting in Galle. In addition, ‘they were in the middle’: one kept cocaine and the other logistics.

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The other is a fugitive

According to the DEA Special Agent’s document, in addition to the nicknames Lulo and the knight, there is also a third powerful ally of the fugitive ‘Madamba’. Omar Munoz Castro is a 47-year-old resident of Cologne. Olya Herrera (Nose).

New information from him reveals that he was staying in the village of Fidel de la Costa, a few kilometers from Dumago, and that he knew the routes of the boats, the drug gangs and their connections with them. Mexican Mafia ..

The DEA documented that at least two members of the gang had a meeting with Cologne at the Costa Real Hotel in the region. According to the indictment, he was in room 214 and an accomplice in room 215.

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On the boats, DEA and police agents arrived at the hotel and confirmed that Cologne had been given his nickname and identification number. He did the same on the intercepted call activating the cell line for his partner.

Even before the new leak of ‘Madamba’ (Justice has been flown 15 times), his notable associates ‘Madurana’ and ‘Nusa’ managed his express ship to the United States through his lawyer Enrique Ars, a forensic expert, and a lawyer. Yessica Troncoso Marquez.

Prosecutor Portero and Tampa’s Special Agent are now searching for the recapture of Mathamba, before he arrives at the Madurana, Cologne and Nyusa prisons in the United States.

EL TIEMPO Above stated that Cabo had already sent messages to the authorities that he wanted to negotiate, but he mocked Inpec and the Colombian justice system.

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For now, Inbox Inspector Milton Liberto Jimenez Arpoleda has already been caught trying to escape. But the newspaper has scrutinized at least 12 names (including ‘Lulo’ and ‘Horseman’) whose arrests and extraditions are imminent.

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