April 1 Summary of News of the Ukraine-Russia War

The President of the European Parliament meets the President of Ukraine during a “heroic” visit to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky and European Parliament Speaker Roberta Metzola meet before meeting on April 1 in Kiev, Ukraine. (Ukrainian Presidential Press Service)

European Parliament Speaker Roberto Metzola visited Ukraine and met with President Volodymyr Zhelensky, who called the visit “heroic.”

Metzola, the first EU president to visit Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion, posted a photo of himself shaking hands with Zelensky on Twitter on Friday.

“Courage, strength, determination. With Kiev Zhelensky. Slava Ukraine!” Metzola described the photo.

His visit was welcomed by the Ukrainian leader, who, in a speech posted on social media on Friday, said it was an “important moment” for the country.

“Coming to Ukraine at this time is heroic because you are showing heroism. Of course, we defend Ukraine because it is our country and our lives, but coming from abroad is a very important step in favor of our people. “

Last month, the prime ministers of Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic visited Ukraine and reaffirmed their support for the country in the midst of the Russian invasion.

Speaking in a speech to the Ukrainian parliament on Friday, Metzola said he had come to the Ukrainians as a “representative of the European Parliament” to say one thing: “We are with you. Good times and not good, we are with you.”

During his speech, Metzola made three promises to Ukraine: “They are responsible for what they have done here”, taking care of the Ukrainian families being forced to leave their homes and supporting Ukraine’s aspirations to join the European Union.

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“The EU has recognized Ukraine’s European aspirations and its aspirations to be a candidate for accession. I stand before all of you to tell you that you can count on the support of the European Parliament for Ukraine’s path. We will not bring them down, “said Metzola.

In his speech, Zhelensky lamented that he could not come and address the European Parliament in person due to “understandable circumstances”, but thought that “the voice of Ukraine is being heard today.”

“I’m glad there’s no hierarchies in our relationship, no pathetic feelings. You’re here, this is the most important sign, we are so grateful, we will never forget it,” Zhelensky concluded.

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