According to the study, only 8% of Dominicans are identified as black

Santo Domingo, RD.

According to a survey released this Friday in the country’s capital, only 8% of Dominicans define themselves as black, with Afro-descendants representing the majority population.

On the contrary, 45% of Dominicans consider themselves Indians18% define themselves as white, 16% as brown, and 9% as mulatto. According to a racial and ethnic self-awareness survey in the Dominican Republic, 1,309 people over the age of 18 were interviewed.

The research was aimed at contributing to the dialogue and reflection on the Afro-descendants in the country. Presented during a conversation between the United Nations Population Fund (Unfpa) and the drumsOrganized activity to solve the problem of Afro-descendants in the country.

Interviewees SAnd they are identified with 27 ethnic groups, including light Indian, cinnamon Indian, light white and dark white, light brown or “lavido” (lavado).

He adds that as the level of education increases, the tendency to identify as mulatto is high and the tendency to consider themselves Indian or white is low.

They are older, they are less likely to identify themselves as brown and they are more likely to describe themselves as Indian, while women tend to identify as beautiful.

In the presentation, The Ruben Chile, deputy minister for multilateral foreign policy, said in the Dominican Republic, “We are all Afro-descendants, even whites. We have to claim it. “

Chile explained that there were racial prejudices in the country and the “wrong” construction of a nation imposed by “dominant currents”, which were based on the cultural heritage of independence and the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961).

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He explained that since the Dominican Republic’s independence from Haiti, there has been an attempt to reverse the Dominican Republic’s “all cultural references” to Hispanic and Spanish culture in the 19th century, and to “shadow” the “black element” of the Dominican nation. .

This black denial was maintained during the Trujillo dictatorship, which also exalted the tribe, which explains why many identify themselves as aboriginal, even though the island’s indigenous peoples were exterminated in the XVI century.

Costa Rica Vice President FC Campbell attended the survey presentation; And director of Latin America and the Caribbean of Unpfa, such as Harold Robinson Davis.

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